GL-MT300N gets erased when I go through the airport

I purchased a GL-MT300N to use as a travel router and have taken it on my past few trips. I notice that it gets scrambled somehow when I go through the airport. Perhaps the Xray or the metal detector? I have to reset it every time I go through an airport and reconfigure the GL-MT300N.

Is this a known issue? Is there a recommended solution? (otherwise I’ll get on of the lead-lined film packets)

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does it happen without going through airport? Seems this is wired and we never heard this. Can you check the reset button to see if it is stuck. If it is long pressed the firmware will reset.

It has only happened when I go through the airport. I have not had it get scrambled in any other instance. Every time I travel I have to reset the router (hold down reset 8+ seconds) and reconfigure it. This is unfortunate as I purchased it to be a travel router :slight_smile:

On my most recent trip (I fly 2+ times per week), I opted to be hand-searched so this device wouldn’t have to go through the x-ray and it ended taking an extra 30 minutes and involved a (very comprehensive) bag and body search. Don’t want to have to do that again - I’d rather have to reconfigure the router instead!

Is there a recommended solution to this? Or do you have another model with less volatile memory?


@doucettea, first we need to replicate this problem. We will check if we can have this problem when going through x ray. In China we have a lot of x-ray check even when going into metro. But we don’t have this problem with that machine. We will try when going through airport.

Was this ever resolved one way or the other?

I’m slightly concerned that the x-rays might be responsible for some units I’ve posted to customers in the US coming up blank when they arrive.

USPS X-ray packages at the post office routinely.

I have taken the router through airport and don’t have this problem.

Frankly speaking I don’t know how to solve this issue because we cannot simply replicate this. If you are willing to help, can we do this: we send you a another MT300N for free and you go through the same airport and then have a check what is the result.

If this only happens to one router you have, please send back to us so that we investigate. If this happens to all routers, then we may need to check if this happens in other places or only in the same x-ray machine you go through.


It hasn’t happened to me since and I’ve traveled frequently with it.

Thanks for following up on this.

Thanks. So that is an incident and we will never know the reason.

Don’t need to be a Sherlock to work out the reset button got pressed in transit!


Just to bring here a bit of color .

I am working across the globe and I am very often visiting Europe and Asian countries . I travel by plane and never had any issue with my router (AR300M) . There is no reason for what our colleague has. Only thing missing here is a clear description from our colleague of what is the exact thing that happens, how is the router reacting or what signs it gives.

The only thing on my mind might be that the reset button might be a faulty one and gets pressed during transit and remains stuck 0somehow and needs the button to be pressed firmly and then it will release.