GL-MT300N how to connect to my LAN

Hello, and thanks for taking the time to help me out!

I wanted to boost my wi-fi signal in bedroom so I’m using power line adapters from my main router into the bedroom, and then in to the Mango.
I have it set up as a repeater and this works great if I now connect to it and browse the web.

However, I’m struggling to see my local network at all, which I would like to as I’m using Plex and need access to my NAS, which is on the local network plugged in to the main router - could somebody point in the right direction on how to achieve that?


power line adapters suck use Moca they are way better and you must put the mt300 in Access Point mode and connect the cat 5 to wan port of the mt300 they must be on the same network subnet you are creating two different networks.

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thanks oroville, that works perfectly.

I’ll definitely take look into the Moca, looks good!