GL-MT300N-V2 as repeater constantly disappers

I have GL MT300N V2 Mango. I am using it in repeater mode in home to provider router.
The problem I have is that it constantly disappears from scan and as result connection to it is dropped.

Second issue I have:
When I have set Mango WiFi to some channel manually it self reset to channel 1.
As channel 1 is crowded in my building - I have a huge drop in connection bandwidth.

I have installed latest firmware 3.216 and reset all settings during flashing.

The signal of 5G band is easily affected by distance and has poor effect of penetrating the wall. If you relay to 5g band, you may fail to scan the superior router for these reasons. If you want to set the channel of wifi, you can try to set the channel of the superior router.

Mango is only 2.4GHz.

Both Mango and upstream router uses 2.4GHz.
I want that Upstream and Mango to be set on different channels.
I have made several tests and I see now that Mango reset channel itself to same as on upstream router.

Also the upload speed through Mango varies greatly. While directly on upstream router it is steadily 6Mbps, through Mango it initially shown as 6, then drops to 2 and finally to 0.6 Mbps.

The first image is directly on upstream while second is through Mango.

After I have changed setting " Channel Width" of both Mango and upstream from 20/40MGz(default) to 20 MGz it seams that Mango become more stable. Same time I am not able to find uptime and logs to check that.

So questions are:

  1. is it possible to keep Mango on channel different that upstream in Repeater mode?
  2. Any ideas how to improve upload speed?
  3. How to find uptime of system and uptime of connection on Mango?
  4. How find logs on Mango?
  1. If you want the two routers not to be on the same channel, then you cannot use the repeater mode, because the channels of the two routers are the same in the repeater mode, otherwise the repeater will not work.
  2. If the channel in the place is crowded, there is no way to increase the speed except changing the channel.
  3. Enter the router through ssh, use this command: uptime
  4. Enter the router through ssh, use this command: logread
  1. Clear, thank you.
  2. It is not correct. Upstream router on same channel and in same conditions provide stable 6Mbps upload all the time. Same time Mango upload very from 0.6 to 6Mbps. Also download speed is same for both and is stable.