GL-MT300N-V2- Bad connection via LAN

Hi, I purchased GL.iNet GL-MT300N-V2 on October 3rd 2019 and wanted some information.
the connection via wifi is ok, but I have difficulties when I connect the router via LAN to my Samsung smart TV (model UE55F7000SZ), to allow the connection I have to restart the router from the web every time.
Something wrong or there is an objective problem that cannot be solved, because if it were so I ask you for another model that does not present these problems to buy.

I await your kind reply.

When you connect your Samsung TV to the LAN port of the router, does the TV say no Internet or something?

After you restart the router, the TV can connect to the Internet?

What do you mean “restart … every time”? I mean, when you restart and the TV connect, why you restart 2nd time?

When I connect the TV to the router it tells me cable disconnected several times and still does not connect to the router.
I confirm that after restarting the router the TV is connected to the internet.
Don’t restart the router the second time

So if you restart your TV (without restart your router), will the TV connect to the Internet?

There may be 3 reasons need to verify:

  1. Maybe change another Ethernet cable, this one is easy to test
  2. Maybe the Eth port of MT300N-V2 has problems
  3. Maybe the TV has some problems