GL-MT300N-V2 DSL Failover with 4G tethering

Sorry for my english, i’m French
I’m noob and i need help to configure , If possible, My mango GL-MT300N-V2

I’m Using DSL with some probleme (many disconnection) and i need that the GM-MT300N-V2 switch automatiquely to the USB tethering 4G modem (my phone) when the DSL cut off

It’s possible ?
Yes ?, how ? as router or as bridge ?

thanks to your hep

Yes it works like this by default.

The failover priority is

cable > repeater > tethering > modem

Thanks , it works but le the LAN port is only 100MB/s
also i can’ t use every time (only when i’m gooing in hollyday and i will be absent)

My Internet Connexion is 900MB/s !!

i must fin another product, i whatch GL-INET 750 ARS ext

Finaly my configuration must have probleme
I do mistake but where

Initilaly was my configuration

GL inet-Page-1

After I configure my Mango with this solution (with 2 LAN not router)

GL inet-Page-2

But when Optical fiber come back, only Tethering is fonctionnal and if un cut off tethering, i have no internet

What do you mean by this? Mango has to work in router mode (default mode) to do Internet failover.

I used mango as default mode but with Wan port configure as lan (also i had 2 Lan port)

You cannot do this for your settings. When configured as lan, then it really means lan. So Mango has only one Internet connection which is your phone tethering. It will not failover.

thanks but how can i do what i want ?
Are the cabling (connexions) OK ?
if i plug the optical converter in the Wan port configue as Wan
what are the configuration ? dhcp ? Ip static but with which parameter ?

My parameter in my provider box are IP
mask and DNS

DHCP range to 170
I’m using range to 101 for Ip static

Basically, you cannot do like you want.

You want to switch between bridging (wan and lan) and routing (tethering) using the same box. This will not work.

You can use two internet connections but you cannot bridge your provider box to your fiber. Mango has to work in router mode, enabling dhcp server.

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