GL MT300N V2 firmware

Hi Dev team,

I’m using this router as a NAS, but found that the samba config was reset every a few days, and all config change I made was gone.

Can you share a build which remove all pre-reconfigured services and just install standard linux/openwrt and drivers, so that we can use it as a mini server and we do our own config?

That sounds like unintentional factory reset. OR your settings were not saved to flash. May be, you can verify this first, by logging into device and checking the config files.

WIFI and password was not reset, but samba sharing settings are reset.

It’s possible that if you removed power the configurations were lost. Try setting the configurations and do “poweroff” via SSH to the router and waiting 10 seconds before removing power. That should flush all the configurations and store them properly.

I don’t have a clue of how samba settings were reset. Can you specify which settings in detail?

There is a sharing setting in basic web UI, and there is another sharing setting in advanced web UI.

In advanced web UI, I added an Linux user to samba, so that only that user can access the sharing folder. And changed the sharing folder name too.
After a few days, user name setting was gone, sharing folder name is set to default one, which is the same to the settings in basic web UI.

Did you happen to modify the settings using the default UI? As I know only when you operate the UI it will change settings. It will not change settings in the background.

Or you can check if the settings is actually saved when modify using luci. To check this, do a reboot after you change in Luci and check.

Rebooted, confit was saved. But still saw same problem.