GL-MT300N-V2 + GI0431 (Vodafone K3760) modeswitch


I got a Qualcamm GI0431 Modem that goes into SCSI CD Drive Mode when i plug it in - so i installed usb_modeswitch and tried to edit the /etc/usb-mode.json file.

I already confirmed my vendor and product and according to : and 0af0_7501
of the usb-modeswitch-data

Option HSO device


Vodafone K3760 (made by Option, HSO driver)

Contributor: The Solutor

;DefaultVendor= 0x0af0
;DefaultProduct= 0x7501

;TargetClass= 0xff

only for reference and 0.x versions



I read [OpenWrt Wiki] USB mode switch but the new json format confuses me - i tried

	"0af0:7501": {
		"*": {
			""t_vendor": 1032,
			"t_class": [ 255 ],
			"msg": [ 0 ],

(and message 0 is 55534243785634120100000080000601000000000000000000000000000000)

when i ssh into the router usbmode -l shows me the right device, however modeswitch -s -v does nothing

anybody got an idea how my json should look like ?