GL-MT300N-V2 LAN as switch and WLAN on different network


I got a GL-MT300N-V2, and I would like to connect WAN port to an existing network and connect my PC to the LAN port which behaves like a switch (so that I get IP address from Domain Controller from WAN port and can access printer services and the like on the existing network). But I would like the wireless LAN to be on a separate network most of the time (ie, wireless does DHCP)? Is this possible?

And if I like to change the wireless LAN to be part of the existing network, can that be easily change?

thanks in advance.

Can anyone point to the right direction or let me know whether it is possible?

To bridge LAN and WAN, you need to set up the router as AP mode in more settings->network mode.

This will bridge your wifi to the wan as well.

If you want to only bridge the lan, not wifi, there will be too much to do and I do not suggest you do this.