Hello everyone, I use the GL-MT300N-V2 as a modem with an internet key and an Open VPN, connecting in wi-fi everything works well, if instead I connect the PC to the GL-MT300N-V2 via ethernet cable does not work. What changes do I have to make?

If wifi works, LAN should work because they are in the same subnet.

You can check what is the IP address the PC got from the router. It should be 192.168.8.x as well.

Also check if it a DNS problem. You can ping in your pc to see if it works. If it works but browser cannot use the Internet, it means DNS is not correct. Please set up a custom DNS in the router or your PC, e.g. and

Hi, the setting seems correct as you say, I also tried to change the IP address by putting or 192.168.1.xx, I can enter the GL-inet and change it both wifi and ethernet cable, but I can not navigate in ethernet, the VPN works in wifi, what else can I check?

This is something I can not understand why.

Can you try other devices in the LAN network? Maybe a problem of your PC?

Or you can clear all the settings by revert to factory status on the router and start again.