GL-MT300N-V2 (Mango) Slow Internet

Currently no VPN is active.

Connected to my BT router.

BT router has both WiFi networks disabled.

Running a speed test connected to the Mango via cable or WiFi I’m getting 15-20m download from my 50-60m internet.

I’ve connected directly to my BT router and I’m not seeing the issue.

Faulty Mango or have a missed a setting?

Mango connect to your main router via cable?

If you test WAN to LAN it should not cut speed.


Yes I’m connected directly via Ethernet.

Is there somewhere on the device I can test this?

15-20m or 50-60m, you mean mbit/s or MByte/s

If it is the later it is totally normal. The router is 100Mbps.

If it is mbit/s, pls check below:

You can check if the link speed is at 100mbps.

On your pc you may find in network status.

On the mini router, use swconfig dev switch0 show


My internet is 65MBs when running test directly on my BT router im getting the full 65MBs.

When connecting the Mango directly to the BT router i get between 10-20Mbs,


Looking at the command you kindly provided i can see a few ports all running at 100baseT full-duplex.

So I’m at a loss? I don’t understand why I’m loosing so much speed via a 1 meter ethernet cable?

I’ve changed cables also.

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I don’t have an idea why.

Pls use the correct unit, it is Mbps which is Mbit/s

MBps may means MByte/s which is 8 times of Mbit/s