GL-MT300N-V2 Mango wont connect to simple Hotel wifi... (Zenit - Spain)

Zenit hotel in Coruna has a dlink based WPA/WPA2 wifi configuration. Nothing weird just a wpa password.

I scan so I can work in “Repeater” mode and I select the SSID (there are multiple AP in multiple channels but GLinet give just the SSID). I set the password and click connect… Page reloads and no connection happens.

How to debug this? I have restarted, removed from Saved and re-did everything etc.


Here is the steps:

  1. Turn off DNS rebind protection. This is necessary to access network with portal.
  2. What is the firmware version? This matters. Old firmware 3.203 is more compatible to connect to wifi. v3.215 beta fixed some bugs but have difficult to connect to Fritzbox. Not sure about dlink though.
  3. Connect repeater. Wait until it connect or failed. Get the log. The log can be obtained in luci or in ssh, use command logread

Thanks Ill check!
The WIFI setup is simple, no portal or something.
Ill report back.