GL-MT300N-V2 no Internet issue

Looking for help please. Just bought 2 of these devices. Tech wise I am normally ok. I have followed guides. I can connect to device through WiFi with the ip address and the app etc.
Connected ethernet to virgin router.
Says cable is connected on the app etc and got il address.
I just can’t get no Internet connection at all.
I’ve tried numerous guides and groups but still no Internet connection through the router.

If i switch the device to use as access point then I can get onto Internet but I want to use as a router to then use my vpn.

Any help is much appreciated

What’s your local system’s IP? e.g. 192.168.8. 101?

I got it running and the vpn although ut drops WiFi connection constantly. 192.168.0 etc is my isp.
Going to try ethernet device tomorrow