GL-MT300N-V2 OpenVPN Client

I am trying to get the router to connect to a OpenVPN client. I have uploaded the ovpn config and certificates, created the connection but when I click connect I don’t get any other feedback to say why it isn’t connecting. Is there anyway to get a log of the connection?


You’d better at least give a screenshot?

What is the firmware version?

To get the log, ssh to the router and use “logread” to get the log. You can also go to advanced settings and then go to status->system log

Thanks for getting back to me.

I am using firmware 3.025

The screen shot that I am seeing is below and this is only as far as I can get with the connection.

The only logs I am getting is
Thu Mar 19 09:23:58 2020 : 1326: gl-vpn-client>> Start, vpnpath=/etc/openvpn/ovpn7, serverfile=pfsense-udp-6805-AndrewCarrick-ios-config - Copy.ovpn
Thu Mar 19 09:23:58 2020 : 1382: gl-vpn-client>> glconfig.openvpn.ovpn=/etc/openvpn/ovpn7/pfsense-udp-6805-AndrewCarrick-ios-config - Copy.ovpn, glconfig.openvpn.clientid=ovpn7


This should be a bug.

Pls do not use SPACE in your file names. Pls rename and upload again.


Removing the spaces from the config file name still has the same problem.
Thu Mar 19 10:52:22 2020 : 1326: gl-vpn-client>> Start, vpnpath=/etc/openvpn/ovpn8, serverfile=pfsense-udp-6805-AndrewCarrick-ios.ovpn
Thu Mar 19 10:52:22 2020 : 1382: gl-vpn-client>> glconfig.openvpn.ovpn=/etc/openvpn/ovpn8/pfsense-udp-6805-AndrewCarrick-ios.ovpn, glconfig.openvpn.clientid=ovpn8

Can you send a profile via private message or email? Need to try.

But you should use a ovpn for Linux, not iOS

Notice a type in your config… might want to check that ‘=’

just saying…

This problem should not be a bug as shown.

@andrewc87 send me his ovpn privately and I found that the server IP cannot be resolved. So it may be an internal DNS or something. Waiting for more info.

Thanks for your help. I installed the OpenWrt openvpn plugin and used that with my config and the issue was that it included tls-remote which has been depreciated and it returned the error in the log where as the GL.iNet openvpn plugin didn’t report the error in the log. Once I removed this line it works perfectly now.

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thanks for letting me know!