[GL-MT300N-V2] openVPN setup

Yes and no. I think they will only function if the vpn is connected. If you do it through the interface then you may not have internet unless the vpn is connected. The point of the scripts mentioned above is to automatically change them when the vpn connects, and back again if connection is lost. In case the vpn needs name resolution to begin.

Ok, understood.
I’ll try and let you know if it works.

Also, that only applies if you don’t want the google DNS?
If you really want the NordVPN DNS then yes, do like @Exile1975 wrote so that it is automatically switched.

@Exile1975 Did it work for you to set the DNS in the config file? Did it switch properly?

Yes, worked like a charm using the dnsup/down scripts and adding this in. I have to add the that the switch may cause problems if your using it. See my thread here:

@psigli and did it work for you?

Unfortunately still got no time to test it.