GL-MT300N-V2 Setup Help

Purchased a GL-MT300N-V2. I am wanting to connect it to my existing router already in place. I would like my original router to handle dhcp and use my new GL-MT300N-V2 to keep a machine permanently connected VPN. I can get internet access and VPN working on any devices connected to GL-MT300N-V2, but I’d also like to maintain access via SMB to devices connected to my original router.

I’m somewhat comfortable with computers and very basic networking. Can someone give me basic instructions on what needs to be done in order for machines on both my original router and the new GL-MT300N-V2 to see each other while the devices on the GL-MT300N-V2 are encrypted as far as internet traffic goes. Thanks

If you use vpn, all your data should be routed to the vpn tunnel. You can use static routing etc to access your main network, but SMB is difficult to work.

You need the expert @kyson-lok

It doesn’t encrypt the intranet data when starting vpn. I think you can access the device as long as it is attached to original router. You can check the firewall, if it has deleted the rule of lan traffic forwarding to wan. Or you can have a try to uncheck force VPN and start vpn again.

Thank you guys for the replies, I have checked my settings. The firewall does appear to show lan—>wan accepting input, output & forward without masquerading and mss clamping.

To give you more info, I have my ip set staticly on the travel router(travel router mac address is also reserved on my primary router). I have the travel router using the same netmask and using the primary router ip as the gateway. After saving the netmask and gateway, I plug in the ethernet coming form my primary router, but the travel router still does not show up for any device on my primary router’s network or vice versa.

I know 10 days ago but still gonna answare.
I’m no expert, but even though when you use the same IP table in the main router and the mini router there are two different networks.
I tried it my self and it is not possible to access the mini router network when you are in the main router network. You need to connect the mini router and the main router with the LAN port (on the mini router) but then you can’t connect to an VPN in the mini router. If you connect it that way devices even connected to the mini router network will be in the main router network because the mini router does not open an network. I think kinda confusing explained. Look at this tread : New user help using lan port for vpn - #10 by JonnyJaap

You can forward the port for SMB in the mini router (see also the other tread).