GL-MT300N-V2 up to 50% packet loss

Hey, i recently bought this device to have better network coverage and to be able to create a subnetwork for some devices. My pc is connected via ethernet cable to the mango ( and the mango is a client on another network ( Using pingplotter, i can see that there is a huge amount of packetloss from the mango to the main router (up to 50%!). The ping is okay but the packetloss absolutly kills the joy in any game.

All routers are on their latest firmware, i restarted all of them multiple times, replaced them a bit etc. I am unable to connect both routers via a cable but they are just one room apart, about 3 meters distance and there is not really a wall blocking the two either, since there door is right between them.

The network channels are pretty much unused otherwise and i made sure to set them to a free channel/range. I really need some help with this because its driving me absolutly crazy.

Here an image from pingplotter:

PS: If i do a test to any other domain, it looks the same.

MT300N-V2 is not for gaming.

But it should not have such packet loss.

It is far from the main router?

I beg to differ. 300mbps is fine for gaming. 50% loss would tell me there’s either an IP conflict, 2 devices 1 IP, or the settings are wrong.

The mango settings point to your gateway (the entry point in your house, the isp modem). The computer points to the mango router only.

Eg your POE router is IP:, SUB:, DNS: (WHATEVER YOUR ISP CHOSE) X. X. X. X.



ALL DEVICES: 192.168.1.X, SUB:, DNS:

DNS is not absolute and can be changed to Google or but you just make the connection more Internet dependent if it drops out and the router will also become slow to respond.

3 meters, as written above. Nothing blocking the signal inbetween.

All sub’s are, no custom dns is set anywhere.

The mango ip is and has my pc ( as client.
It connects to the main router ( as a client (
All ip’s are unique.

So from your wall to pc…

POE ROUTER (wifi)- (wifi) MANGO (ethernet) - (ethernet) PC. The problem appears to be between the mango and the main router.

Beyond which channel or encryption used I can only think that there’s a possibility that your mango isn’t playing nice with NAT and upnp. You might need to add a upnp plugin.

I tested the same and here is mine. Look OK.

As you said there are three door between them, this could be the problem.

I actually don’t understand why there is no wall but three doors between them.

But as far as I experienced, narrow corridor and door with mirror has great impact on the signal.