GL-MT300N-V2 VPN doesnt connect

I have three GL-MT300N-V2 which I use for different VPN accesses. I have firmware version 3.102 on all devices. I have the first GL-MT300N-V2 as a VPN client for the provider Keepsolid. This worked immediately after importing the ovpn file. I wanted to connect the second device to my OpenVPN server at home. No connection is made here. The server at home is set up correctly because I can connect to both the Android phone and 2 laptops without any problems.
The OVPN files are identical to each other except for the private key.
What options do I have to isolate the error?

Now i have tested the VPN Profile from the GL-MT300N V2 (ovpn File) on my PC (win7 64bit) with OpenVPN Connect as Software. The PC will connect without problems.

The openVPN File seems without an Error.
Is a issue know at the Firmware Version 3.102?

it is likely problem of you ovpn file.
You should export ovpn for Linux not windows. They are not the same.

Yes i konw. The OpenVPN Server is an Raspeberry Pi. And on it i have generatet the Useraccount for the GL-MT300N V2.
A try from me i have added the line “auth-user-pass” and set the Username and Login manually. There was the same problem further.