Gl mt300n v2 - vpn policies problem

GL mt300n v2 - Firmware 3.100
Hi, i try to setup VPN POLICIES but I have some problems. If I try to connect address that I add to the policies to skip VPN I have a DNS Probe error and the site dont’open, any other site work fine trouth VPN.

VPN POLICIES have effect even if VPN is disabled? Do VPN POLICIES must be disabled when VPN is off?

Cheers R

VPN polices does not work when vpn is disabled and you do not need to turn it off I think.

Can you check your dns settings first?

Thanks, this is my DNS settings:


If you turn off cloudflare, will vpn policy affect DNS?

Hi, I have turn off cloudflare DNS with no luck, still DNS probe error.

I use cable connections not WiFi, I have clear W10 DNS cache and DNS browser cache.