GL-MT300N-V2 VPN policy not fully connecting

I’ve got two VPN policies set up on my MT300N for two separate IPTV services. Traceroute shows both policies are working correctly and all other traffic goes via my ISP.
The one works fully and plays video. However the second policy connects and shows the list of videos, but always gives an error and doesn’t play the video.
But, this is the confusing part: if I turn the policies off so that everything goes through the VPN, it works and plays the video. So I know it works via the VPN, just not if there’s a policy for it.
If anyone has any ideas would be great, as it’s confusing me

Is it because of CDN? The video may have a lot of domains.

Hmm it’s a possibility I guess, although all of the links I’ve tried and checked all originate from one domain name address, which is the one I have in the policy.

I guess my two options are to see if it just starts working randomly, which has happened before with the other policy, or scrap both policies and just have one to not use the VPN for Disney plus which is the only app on my TV that doesn’t like going through a VPN.