GL-MT300N-V2 Wifi issues - packet drops exactly every 30s


I am new to this forum and I am not sure if someone from Glinet tech team is here, but I need help with Wifi connectivity issues on GL-MT300N-V2 .

My MT300N (WAN side) is connected to my home modem via cable.
My 2 laptops are connected to MT300N via wifi and they both have constant Wifi issues - packets are lost for 1-2s exactly every 30s.
When I connect a laptop to GL-MT300N-V2 via cable , everything is fine.

I tried changing the channels manually, automatically - optimize button, changing the frequency bandwith, but no luck.

Any advice?

Can you post the System Log and Kernel Log after the packet dropouts occur 2 or 3 times?

Is the “home modem” a router that issue you DHCP or you need to use static IP or pppoe?

This seems like DHCP lease is set at 1 minute.

Hi guys, thanks for your responses.
Can’t seem to reproduce the issue now - I do occasionally get huge latency spikes when using wifi, but no packet loss anymore. Performance is significantly better and more consistent over the cable - me and a friend tested this with 3 of these small boxes. Is there an option to buy these with a different (better) integrated antenna,possibly supporting 5ghz?
Will check in the next few days and get back to you , cause this usually affects me during MS Teams calls - real time.
Was using logread and dmessg to check the logs and nothing special there. Any other log tool I could check?

Thanks again.

Dual-band routers: AR750, AR750S, MT1300