GL-MT300N-V2 Wireguard Server with DynDns?

is it possibe to have an GL-MT300N-V2 Wireguard Server with DynDns behind a Avm Fritzbox ?
Any Suggestion or Instructions to realize it ?

If mt300n-v2 is behind of the firewall, you have to configure port forwarding on your Fritzbox.

Using DynDNS is okay.

port forward is made, but how wireguard found the new Ip´s

when you make a Wireguard server, the router tries to detects the router’s public IP address automatically. When you have the config files for Wireguard, you can change it to your ddns

Which ports should be forwarded?

51820 is default port if you didn’t change it.

thats all ok, the wireguard Client can´t parse my Adress for Dynamic Ip.
I edit the Txt and the Json file.
I try the same with the OpenVpn Server … Perfect Up/Down 12/12 mbit on a 100/40 7590 Vdsl2 line.

parse error on IOS and Android when i change it to alphanumeric .

with OpenVpn on Ios and Android no problems.

Could you please pm me your ddns? I try to resolve the ddns on my side, see if it can get the correct IP address.

the resolve of my ??? = my actual IP . When i put my ??? in the config from my pivpn i got ready *.opvn output files each user.
But much more complex to Install.
Your GL products a quite faster to install as a Raspberry Pi.