GL-MT300N-V2 Wireless in LUCI

Hi All,

Hoping someone can help. We have about 20 of the GL-MT300N-V2 product in use. We have upgraded firmware on a test device to v3.012. This upgrade to v3, has removed the Wireless section from the menu in Luci (Network > Wireless).

Can someone advise how to return this please? We build standard config’s in LUCI and distribute to the other devices and this is important for us.

(We have about 15 GL-750S-EXT too, these do not have this issue)


The MT300N-V2 uses the closed wireless driver, which isn’t compatible with Luci, so we have remove it.

If you want to configure the wireless configuration, you can use GL admin web page.

What do you want to in Luci?

Thanks, We normally setup 1 device how we like it and then restore the config back onto all the other devices as they are setup.

No problem if they have to be done manually for the wireless - just an extra step. We are slowly provisioning towards the GL-750S-EXT which has this ability :slight_smile:

Does this mean we don’t get the granular control we would normally have over the WLAN radio? Is there any firmware available that uses an open driver that is compatible with Luci?

It’s important that I regain granular control over the radio as I intended to use this device for very legacy hardware which is only compatible with WEP-SKA networks (yes, I know such devices should not be around anymore, not my call I’m just trying to deliver a solution). Inside the GL interface I have no option for selecting WEP-SKA under the “Wi-Fi Security” drop down menu. Do I need to select a different GL product?

GL-MT300N-V2 uses MTK propitiatory wifi driver. You can download open source version from openwrt directly.

You will lost the GL UI and only have Luci.