GL-MV1000 Brume AP mode with unsupported wifi dongle

Just curious if access point mode has any chance of working at all on a wifi dongle that uses a chipset other than the officially supported wifi dongles.

For example, if I use a dongle with the Mediatek MT7610U chipset (rumored to have excellent access point mode support) and install the proper modules, is it possible that it may work properly? Or impossible for reasons I haven’t heard of yet?

Edit: the reason I ask is because I want to upgrade the dongle I’m using on my Brume to a 2x2 dongle, but it would be nice to not be stuck with another Realtek-based dongle with poor mainline Linux support if I can avoid it.

AP on the dongle may not work good.

When adding support for wifi dongle, it really taked a lot of effort to do so.

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