Gl-mv1000 brume problem with firmware 3.105

i think there is definitely a problem with usb, every 24h to 48h my usb dongle loose the network, and after that if i try to connect manually its not connecting, i need to restart the mv1000 !!

does anyone experiencing the same issue ?

im starting to regret purchasing it, we keep having disconnection issue or crash with those update

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Does this happen in old firmware?

no, i think only 3.105 .

I recorded this and will verify.

I have also noticed a sharp decrease in stability with a Brume MV1000 plus supported dongle, after updating to 3.105. Router is usable for a day or two, then connections start to get slow, finally devices are unable to connect to wifi until a reboot.

What model is your Dongle?

Iā€™m using the Alfa AWUS036ACS dongle on a Brume MV1000-W. Not seeing this issue.

im using the AWUS036AC