GL-MV1000 Wireguard Server and static endopoints

Hi Folks,

a MV-1000 ‘brume’ user here. I’ve installed this router/gateway to provide specific clients with Wireguard VPN Server in order to access internal network resources (small company, etc).
This router currently resides under a main router that updates the DDNS service, (also explored GoodCloud DNS),

The issue is whenever I add new users to WG Server, the endpoint in the config file is always shown as the last public IP:

Address =
ListenPort = 31xxx
PrivateKey = <priv_key>

AllowedIPs =,::/0
Endpoint =
PersistentKeepalive = 25
PublicKey = <pub_key>

I thought maybe activating Goodcloud DNS will end up showing the endpoint as a FQDN (ie:… but no luck there.

As a workaround I end up editing each config file before sending out to users: Endpoint = … it works for a while, and days later stops working is it because the router expects connection to a specific ip? DDNS is working fine (have OpenVPN server as a backup in another device)… Can’t seem to find wg0.conf.

How can I create configs with the full domain instead of the IP?

Thank you!

Editing the config to replace with your ddns should work.

Can I know what is the wireguard client?

When it stopped working, is the public IP really change? Just to make sure the connection is broken because of changing of public IP, not something else.

Hi Alzhao, thanks for replying.

The wireguard client is the official WG program

The IP hasn’t changed this time, funny enough, the Brume acknowledges the connection
because Last Connected gets updated, however, no data is being received… “stuck at 92 bytes received on the client”

The only workaround so far is to recreate the config file under management and import the config file again. it does work for a few days and then, just randomly stops.

Hi ChrisP,

Sorry, the wireguard configs couldn’t be created with the domain for now.

From your description, the official client will randomly stop in a few days. Will it stop receiving data as in the screenshot you sent or the connection will break? And does it always happen when public IP changed? I am not sure about the reason so I may start with confirming some details.

Hi Riho-shuu. It happens in both occasions. It never breaks the connection, it just stops receiving data.

Yesterday my ISP assigned a new IP, so I had to edit the config file, I would assume that it will re-connect with the new IP, but although it does establish a connection (Brume resets the ‘last connected’ counter, there is no data flowing .

Now, the interesting thing here is that the Brume acknowledges the connection as shown below

So it’s not a matter of IP changing – the brume get’s the incoming connection – but it doesn’t send any data back to the client. Only workaround for now is to back to management and recreate the connection, which brings up a different config file.