GL-MV1000W Brume-W / WiFi-Adapter

Great router and finally a reasonable speed (compared to Mudi).

Only my WiFi adapter is not recognized.
Netgear AC1900 / A7000

On the laptop, this one works.
What can be the reason for this? Is this not compatible?

Sorry are you saying your USB WiFi adapter doesn’t work?

Only the following USB adapters are officially supported on the Brume (MV1000(W))

Driver Dongle

If that’s not what you’re saying sorry for misunderstanding :slight_smile:

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ok, thanks. So this one should work?
ALFA Network AWUS036AC Long-Range Wide-Coverage Dual-Band AC1200 USB

Is there a simple guide as to how to enable other USB WiFi adapters to be used on the Brume (assuming that chipset drivers are available and the process is possible)?

For all the effort, it might just be easier to buy a WiFi adapter that has support built into the Linux kernel. Otherwise I guess you’d have to cross compile Linux drivers, and even with a guide, you would still need to be familiar with compiling stuff from source.


Now I have a AWUS036AC AC1200 and it woks. Mostly. But if it doesn’t work, the built-in 2.4 doesn’t work either.
Then the only thing that helps is to disconnect the power.

Why is there no WPS-3 here like with the Mudi? And it’s a pity that you can’t use the 5G USB stick as a receiver.

WPA3 support is related to the wifi dongle. If it has no support, then no support.

You should be able to use 5G wifi to repeat an existing wifi network, shouldn’t you?

Thanks for the info.

No, the Brume/W does not find an existing 5G at all.
Only 2.4G.

Not even if you turn off the built-in 2.4G. Nevertheless, Brume/W always finds only 2.4G.

You are right. You need to use external dongle

Sorry, just to clarify again.
Even with an external dongle, the Brume does not find 5G.
The device can only provide this itself, via a dongle.
When I bought it, this was not entirely clear to me. But you can live with it.

You can definitely use 5G. Here is what you should do:

First, choose “Using Dongle” in Repeater Options.

Then do a scan


Oh, yes, thank you very much.
Learned something again.

The reason is, the dongle can be either 2.4G or 5G but not both at the same time.

So that addresses the dongle (no wpa3) but what about the 2.4 WiFi built into the BRUME W?

The internal one does not have WPA3 as well