GL-MV1000W - where is ipv6 on/off setting?

I’m a new GL-MV1000W user. I thought there was a setting to enable/disable ipv6 in the “More Settings” section of the GL.iNET GUI. Where did it go? I’m on firmware 3.105.

You probably want to modify this in the More settings> advanced settings of Luci:
Network>Interfaces>stop WAN6 and then go into it’s settings uncheck bring up on boot.

I was referring to this menu. I don’t have “ipv6” in my Brume’s menu. It’s apparently available on some other GL.iNET routers.

if i recall correctly, some models had IP leaks with ipv6 hence it was disabled. i don’t think there such an issue on Brume, hence there was never a need to have it disabled or be a feature.

MV1000 3.105 does not have IPv6. It should be available in 3.201.