GL-S1300 VPN Policy Is Not Being Applied Properly After Reboot

When my router reboots, the VPN Policy is incorrectly applied to all devices, instead of just the ones I specified.

I am using a GL-S1300 as my main router, it is operating in mesh mode with two GL-B1300 models as subnodes. My router is on software version 3.211. I am using OpenVPN client to connect to my VPN Provider (Proton VPN). My VPN policy is setup to use MAC addresses, there are eight devices setup to use the VPN, there are about 30 other devices that are not configured to use the VPN. The Internet Kill Switch for the VPN is enabled.

When the router reboots, the VPN Policy is not being applied properly, all of the devices use the VPN, not just the ones I specified. In the past this was a minor inconvenience, all I had to do was toggle the VPN Policy, and only the specified devices would use the VPN. However do to a hurricane, I lost power twice in one week, and I was unable to login as I was in a different state. This was especially problematic as I need to connect to home network when I’m remote. When the devices that aren’t supposed to use the VPN do use the VPN I am unable to connect.

How do I fix this problem?

If you need more information, or need me to post log files let me know.

thanks in advance.

Can you upgrade to 3.215?

If still happens, pls give me some details so that I can replicate the problem.