GL-SFT1200 5G and 2.4G wifi turn on and off based on schedule


I need to turn on and off the two different wifi (the 2.4G one and the 5G one) at different scheduled time, according to my personal needs.
I thought to setup a crontab list but I’m completely not expert at all !
Could someone help me, please?


I think luci-app-wifischedule is available for your router. Install it and it will be very easy for you to turn Wi-Fi on or off.

My version of wifischedule doesn’t specify which 5Ghz or 2.4Ghz radio you want to manage, and it’s ok for me to power off/on all radios at a time schedule but in Firmware 4.x you can manage directly from the Web Admin UI or maybe a newer version of wifischedule will allow it in LuCI

If you need to do it in cron / Scheduled Tasks in LuCI, use this page to check that the parameters are set correctly.


You can use the Scheduled Task feature in 4.x Firmware.
But SFT1200 is currently only available as Beta/Snapshot Version.

Ok, clear.
But I need more flexibility, I mean, I need more tasks to be achieved like in a classical crontab way.
Is there a way to enable the classical contab management?
I tried to do so but unfortunately nothing seems to be working…
please help

You can set up the crontab in LuCI → System → Scheduled Tasks. You will need to write your own script to control Wi-Fi via the uci command or GL API.