GL-SFT1200 Firmware V4.3.7 Upgrade Error

Trying to upgrade to V4.3.7 from 3.216. Uploading the upgrade file (openwrt-sft1200-4.3.7-1222-1703236005.tar) results in the following error message:

Firmware Verification

The uploaded firmware is older than the current firmware or is a 3rd-party firmware. It make break the router due to hardware incompatibility. You are also suggested to NOT keep settings.

I don’t want to go any further in case I end up with a bricked device. I only purchased it on 3rd Feb!

Where to go from here?

Afaik this message is just a warning about not keeping the settings. You can proceed but keep in mind not to keep the settings since it’s not supported for major upgrades.

Will I be able to save and then restore the settings via LuCI (which I have downloaded and enabled)?

No, you should not use a backup.

What is the reason that you go from 4.x to 3.x firmware?

I’m going from 3.x to 4.x not 4.x to 3.x :slightly_smiling_face:

The reason is simply that there are some additional functions, but mainly because of the security and other issues that were fixed.

Sorry my mistake. Upgrading from 3.x to 4.x should not display such message. Let me ask guys to have a check.

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@alzhao : Any update on this?

My mistake. Guys said it’s normal display.

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