[GL-SFT1200] - How to increase the frequency of automatic reconnection to saved wifi networks

I’m using a router GL-SFT1200 to connect to several different mobile phones tethering their wan connection over wifi.
The system is set on router mode, and I use the “Repeater” function.
I saved SSID and password for each of the thetering wifi.
If one of these mobile phones wifi networks fall out of range, the router will wait a long time, I believe 10 minutes, before trying to connect to a different saved network.
Is there a way to reduce this wait time, let’s say to 30 seconds after the fist connection is dropped?


Repeater function is been optimized in firmware 4.x.

Thanks for the answer!

I have installed 3.215 and the update page does not offer a 4.x firmware. Where can I get it? Do I need to do a local update?


You have to search here in Beta