GL-SFT1200 keeps dropping WAN as repeater

I am using GL-SFT1200 as a repeater in my RV. I want to use it to repeat from home network to RV network. Also from MIFI to RV network when not home. Anyways Currently with it at home connected wireless(as repeater) to Unifi network it keeps dropping a lot. I am not sure why it would be dropping, It is fairly close to the AP of unifi. Anything to check?

I don’t know what kind of router you have, but the placement and orientation of it make a BIG difference in how far and how well it transmits & communicates with other devices.
You might try relocating it higher, as well as changing the orientation. If you have external antennas on it, make sure they are parallel to each other.
Also, both routers’ antennas should be likewise aligned to each other.

I would suggest installing an external antenna on the router in your RV, and by “external” I mean not just on the outside of the router, but on the roof of the RV. Oftentimes the shell of the RV causes shielding problems. (You’re essentially inside a Farraday cage!)

You say you’re “fairly close” to the router…but that means different things to different people, and people with little or no “radio experience” always overestimate how far radios should work. (I’m an Extra-Class ham operator)
The 2.4 GHz band is easily disrupted by dense walls and pine needles. The 5 GHz band, is even more so. They also have limited power, and usually their antennas are not that great. (Remember, they’re just for getting across a room or house, not across town!)

First, try relocating the inside router to around 6 feet off the floor, if that isn’t enough, try different orientations of the antenna. For this band and the typical router antenna, straight up & down (vertical) usually provides the best coverage across an area.
Depending on how far you need to go, there are alternative antennas you can use to increase range.
The more I think about it, the more I recommend getting an external antenna(s) for the RV “repeater” router. You can usually find them at truck stops, but make sure you get the correct connector and the correct “polarity” of the threads (they usually use “reverse-polarity” connectors, which means the male/female and which way they turn is backwards to normal).

Remember that both routers are affected by shielding and reflection problems, as well as antenna orientation!

I hope that’s your problem, and that it’s easily fixed!

Thank you. I will try to move it around and see what happens and report back

100% right this is the case… Now how do I fix this? Do i get a different router? Now unifi says its connect with -54dBm

I have the same issue. What does the Opal report as signal strength? (SYSTEM, ADVANCED SETTINGS, go to bottom for Associated Clients)?