GL-SFT1200 Mullvad WireGuard connection problem

Greetings. I bought GL-SFT1200 Opal router. Setup it as repeater. Now I try to setup WireGuard client. I have Mullvad account. Trying to setup with account id or manual config but all ways are failed. When try to connect have yellow indicator in admin panel and now internet access.

Please help me.

Firmware version of router is 3.126.

I might be wrong but in repeater mode you can’t apply VPN policies.

^- This was bullshit. Forget it.

Pls send screenshots etc.

Hope it will be helpful.

Mullvad OpenVPN config works good. But I need a WireGuard.

Ah, mullvad-fra-0xx is down currently.
Use mullvad-fra-1xx or 3xx.

They have an issue with the switch in the datacenter.

Yeah. Thanks. I changed from Germany Frankfurt to the Greece and it’s work.

Looks like all Germany datacenter doesn’t work now.

Germany is still online, as I said you have to use Frankfurt 1xx/3xx

You can check here: