GL-SFT1200 Opal beta fw 4.3.7 release1

Unplug the WAN. While the device is offline, you cannot Local Upgrade (or in my case, downgrade) the firmware. I already downloaded both the old and new firmware, but I cannot select the Local Upgrade tab to select them.

Is there any error report?
Will it work if you open browser in Incognito windows?

It doesn’t crash into an error report. It tells me I do not have an internet connection to be able to upgrade. It’s stuck in online upgrade mode. I wanted to upload the firmware I had already downloaded. That tab was not clickable.

I had to drive somewhere to plug it into a working Ethernet internet connection, then it allowed me to upload the firmware I previously downloaded.

You need to upgrade to latest 3.x firmware first. Or you can use uboot web to do upgrade.