GL-USB150, but reversed


I’d like to use a GL-USB150 in AP mode with a host computer acting as the uplink. I’ve set up iptables / forwarding on the host computer and added a default route manually on the GL-USB150 to send traffic there. This works great, and I’m quite happy with it.

Are there any downsides to doing this? The guest network / captive portal did not seem to work. What else is going to break?

If you use host computer as uplink, and use USB150 as AP, that is totally fine.

When using in AP mode, guest network and captive portal does not work.

For guest wifi, you need to create a guest subnet. As in AP mode, your host computer manage everything, USB150 cannot do anything of the subnet. But you can manually create another SSID in the same subnet.

For captive portal, the reason is the same. USB150 does not manage the network anymore. So it cannot deal with http request etc.

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It seems like it should work properly if I move eth0 to ‘wan’ and keep the wireless AP in br-lan… yes?

I am not sure. It may not works as expected if you manipulate these settings.