Gl-usb150 channel 13 support

So I love my gl-usb150, but it sucks when your in a UK hotel and the AP is on channel 13 that the device cannot see. Any way to change the region support to get the channels 12,13 supported?


Go to Luci->network->WiFi and change country to UK in AP settings.


Type to go to Luci

awesome, for some reason I had convinced myself they hadn’t put luci on this device! -EPEBCAK

Luci also available in “advanced settings” (top right in GL UI).

Its not on the usb150, Reboot, Logout, ENG are in the top right!

Ahhh, I assumed the front end GUI was the same for all - I stand corrected (using the AR300M).

In USB150 we didn’t put LUCI in the menu. We just don’t have an appropriate place to put it.

Sorry that I open this old topic again, but I have still the same problem.
My problem is now, that I can’t find the option to change the country in Luci->network->WiFi :frowning: I use a AR300M with the latest firmware.

Can you please help me and tell me where I can find this setting?
Best regards

3.201 openwrt 1907