GL-USB150 - UDP Video

Good evening all,

Using a GL-USB150 I am trying to pass multiple UDP multicast videos from one device to another. I can pass RTSP traffic without any issues, but UDP multicast seems to freeze or not display at all.

Previously I was using a TL-WR802N and TP link sent me OpenWrt v4 which enabled me to pass all my UDP videos without any issues.

Currently running ‘openwrt-19.07.3-ar71xx-generic-gl-usb150-squashfs-sysupgrade’ on the GL-USB150.

Any help would be greatly appreciaed.


What software do you use to manage UDP video?

Hi, I’m using VLC to pull the multicast video.

Had little success with this still struggling with UDP. Had to revert back to the TP link 802 unfortunately.

Maybe revert back to GL-iNet FW, might get better luck with support…

For OpenWRT 19.07 - best bet is here –