GL WT300N-v2 users - what's your OpenVPN speed?

I have a GL WT300N-v2 router. Without VPN I reliably get 70Mbps download speed on its WIFI (on 95Mbps link). With OpenVPN client (for two VPN providers - TorGuard and ExpressVPN) I never get more than 6Mbps. With the same VPN settings on my Windows computer I’m getting much higher speed (close to saturation of my provider link - 80-90Mbps).

I’ve got the latest Firmware, and I haven’t tweaked any settings.

What’s your speed with VPN connected (OpenVPN client)?

Do not compare to your windoes.

OpenVPN on MT300N-V2 can achieve up to 12Mbps. Depending on the ciphers, 6Mbps is normal.

If you want faster, pls try using Wireguard service.

Thanks. I’ve tested it with WireGuard and it’s much better.