GL x3000 PCC and SCC selection/designation

Can anyone speak towards the ability to designate which band the modem selects as the PCC?

I have the best results with n71 as the pcc and n41 as the scc. But often times the modem will automatically switch to the inverse n41 pcc and n71 pcc.

I would like to avoid this from happening. but can’t seem to track down the information.

If I tower lock on N71 it does not add a scc. It will run a solo scc n71.

The most similar I have been able to deduct is Cell Locking features on LTE networks. But I would like to find a similar solution to 5GSN network.

Hi rdfr14:

Are you going to use 5G NSA mode?

No. I will be using NR5G SA only.