GL-X3000 Spitz AX Rebooting issue [help]

Did you dial the number before?

It is connected now, but it is like 0.00001mbits so slow. Idk why :confused:

I am trying a rebooting now, let us see.

Works but i noticed something

  • speed is ultra slow before: 100mbits now: 15mbits
  • connection somehow drops...

Is there a reset all and everything thing? Like factory reset.


This will restore some
There are no other orders

Or you can re-brush the module firmware of R03A03

That is sad, i did already. Has no affect :frowning: i did not know resetting the router was that hard. Should have know before touching.

try this method.......

Ok, but i think the internet speed is back to normal after few reboots. Everything looks good now, thanks man!

i tried following version, am i doing something wrong?

After the firmware upgrade problem you were having i had to have a ttl of 64 to get internet usage.
So do auto and let connect. Then do manual setup with ttl 64 and apply

Refer to this for module firmware upgrade

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