GL-X3000 ver 4 Can't connect to internet

version 4 0406release1
AT&T and T-Mobile Sim cards
Using Auto setup for both sims

You’d probably get a better chance of help if you put the model number, firmware in the thread’s title.

Downgrade to the Version: 4.0-release50402 (September 2023) firmware. Then try connecting.


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Thanks I’ve downgrade before without success.
Reset to default firmware and downgrade to 4.0 release50402 again.
Tried 2 different AT&T sims (different accounts)
I could only get Google Fi to connect.

release50402 is the only one out of the current listed stable FWs that has worked with ATT for me. Have not tried the current beta: 0406release1

Using proper APNs or setting it to auto?

yes I’ve tried the beta release
yes using auto

4.0-0406release1 seems to be working on ATT. I have not tested most of the features I use quite yet.