GL-X3000NR - set wi-fi vs. cellular priority?

Hi all, I’m not technical so looking for help. setup the router on my boat. I am at the edge of wi-fi coverage at a marina and would like to know if there is a way to know if my signal is coming via wi-fi or cellular? How does the router determine which signal to use?

Thanks in advance

Downloading a “Network Tools” APP on your phone and connect to GL-X3000NR’s wifi.

using Traceroute function in “Network Tools” APP to access a domain, you can compare the ip of “HOP 2” and repeater’s gateway or cellular’s gateway to know where his traffic is going.

You can logging into GL-X3000NR’s Admin Panel → NETWORK → Multi-WAN page and adjusts priorities, the default priority is ethenet > repeater > tethering > cellular

Thank you for the information. I assume that when I set priority, 1 is highest? I enabled the priorities but all are at 3.

that’s Load Balance function.

You just need to drag the button shown by the arrow in this image to adjust the priority in Failover function.