GL-x300b G4 modem does not accept SIM card PIN

Maybe somebody has an idea what I can do. I have the router GL-X300B and put in a SIM card. My provider is Telekom in Germany. The SIM card needs a PIN.

The following points refers to the 3G/EG Modem section in the admin panel.

Each time after rebooting the router I need to input the AT command “AT+QRPTPARA=3”. After “reboot modem” the error “SIM card needs PIN” appears.

In manual mode I use for

APN: internet.v6.telekom (taken from Telekom´s home page)
Pincode: the 4-digit PIN for my SIM card

I have no idea why the PIN is not accepted by the modem. The identical SIM card works with this PIN in my cellular.

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Can you confirm that the pin works if you put on your phone?

Actually you can remove the pin using AT command.