GL-X300BRC4 will not register T-Mobile SIM

Technical Support via GoodCloud.tar (192 KB)
Can I check it remotely?
thank you

Well the device you have supports LTE, but with only LTE MAIN plugged in and LTE DIV/DV unplugged it's not going to see several LTE bands.

Also shows on the Collie datasheet that it only has one LTE antenna wired up.

I sent email to the support group with info on sharing access to the router.

okay, there should be no problem now
Does your static ip start with 72?

Yes this is correct static ip.
What did you have to do to get it to work? Can you explain the steps you took? I have multiple of these X300B's and need to get them all set up as soon as I get the additional SIM's for them.

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gl_modem -B 1-1 AT 'AT$QCPRFMOD=PID:1,OVRRIDEHOPDP:"IP"'   --ssh


T-mobile Static ip address Only ipv4 addresses are supported
Ipv6 dial-up is used, causing network injection failure. Procedure
Mandatory ipv4