GL-x750 - disconnect LTE when wired connection is available

Hello guys,
Is it possible to configure Spitz to disconnect LTE modem when wired connection is available.
I see approx 2 MB traffic consumed every 8-8 hours (I assume this is incoming LTE traffic since modem is connected).

Thanks in advance

If you disconnect LTE, then when the cable is disconnected, it will not automatically cut to LTE work.

Thanks @wellnw.

Please log as feature request for this:
If cable connection is not available (cable still can be connected to upstream, but external hosts may not be reacheable),
I want router to establish LTE connection and failover to it with periodical checks for cable connection to become available.
Following settings should be available: upstream connection check interval, number of failed check before failover, main connection check interval when failed over, number of successful checks before switching back to main connection.


Hi vitaliy
In fact, this function you said is currently implemented by mwan3. You can understand the working mechanism of mwan3. mwan3 is implemented by ping packet. The priority of our routing is larger than LTE, but when wired, mwan3 will still check whether LTE works. , so there will be traffic consumption, we will consider adding settings to the web page

Thanks fro reply.

Did I got you right that GL-Inet uses man3 under the hood and I can update configuration directly?
If I do that, could it cause any potential issues with GLInet UI (at least can you think of any)?

Another question (maybe stupid one): how can I turn on/off modem from command line?

Thanks in advance

You can only open multiple Internet access modes at the same time, and then switch the order is Wired>Repeater>Tethering>Modem. The mwan3 software package only does the switching function and will not modify the configuration. mwan3 detects that the cable cannot be connected to the Internet and switches to other ones if you If this function is not set, it will not switch.


  1. If you have not configured the modem before, use or replace the si’m card for the first time, use the command line directly, please use the following command.
    gl_modem connect-auto
  2. If the modem has been configured and the sim card has not been replaced, the instructions are as follows:
    Close modem command
    uci commit network
    /etc/init.d/network restart
    Open modem command
    uci commit network
    /etc/init.d/network restart