GL-X750 Spitz 4G modem setup in EU/DE

Hey there,

just received two Spitz routers for plug’n’play with 4G and OpenWRT.
Tried now setting up the first with a SIM card from German Telekom.
Basic networking comes up but no pongs over the 4G WAN network.

Signal should be fine enough as working with phone at this location.
Did already upgrade Spitz to latest firmware v3.104 with factory reset.
But still not working so we wanted to ask for help on 4G modem setup?

We can also go technical on this but hoped to save on unbringing time.
That’s why we got old MIPS with USB2 and 100Mbit NICs for OpenWRT.
Did OpenWRT and modems in the past but was always a time eater.

So hope this very community can help us to prevent common pitfalls :blush:
PS: On Amazon there are some hints that factory setup might not work?



Can you try manual setup and using ttyUSB3, not QMI mode?

@alzhao Sorry for late replay. Were too busy with work until now.

But you’re our hero! Seems to work now via manual setup ttyUSB3:

What about QMI mode? Not usable or need tweaking like here?

Not very clear why qmi does not work for some carriers.

Anyway qmi stuff just has too many bugs than ttyUSB.

So you recommend to stay just on ttyUSB3 for T-Mobile in DE?
What protocol are we using going over USB interface directly? MBIM?
Guess all protocols are bottlenecked with USB2 despite PCI-e card?
Checked on reboot/powerless and the Spitz working fine now :heart_eyes: