GL-X750 (spitz)

any news for zigbee support?
which chip do you use?
how to interface it with openwrt?

I tried an zigbee usb adapter but library for interfacing are on node js or python and take a lot of space

It is silicon labs.

The driver is c and you can control using shell command and c api.

I think we need a few more weeks for this.

very good news alzhao! :slight_smile:
if i buy a spitz now, the zigbee addons is not present?


If you need Zigbee or BLE, just wait and until we announce that the feature is available.

ok, I’ll wait for the announce

I am interested in the ble version.

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Is there any update?
I see that in the shop there’s a dropdown to select the BLE add-on ($8) but as soon as I select it the order button turns to 'Unavailable". What is the situation and can I buy the module separately later?

It still unavailable, the bluetooth module has to be certified.