GL-X750 What is the true issue with the EP-06A?

There are two answered questions recently from GL.iNet from the Amazon entry for sale where your support member states that the EP-06A was not included because it “does not perform as good as expected”. Later on you state that if someone wants a EP-06a, they can order the device on the webstore. Then if one goes to your webstore, the option to select a GL-X750 with a EP-06a has been disabled from the selection options.

Have you identified the problem with this card and is being addressed? Is the problem with the card or with your hardware or with the firmware? I see on some sites selling the EP-06a, that a new version has recently become available V1.6 to replace the previous version V1.2. Could this have anything to do with the issues which are holding the two being sold together now?

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What happened to the EP-06A being included?


For some reason EP06-A does not perform as good as expected. So we use EC25-AF
By GL Technologies Seller on July 7, 2019

Maybe that is not precise.

EC25-AFFA support band 66 and 71. We are also using this module to get certified in carriers. ATT certificate will be done next month.

EP06-A actually performed good, regarding the current feedback. In early stages we had several cases that EP06 failed to connect. But this is not the case now.

I think the reason you cannot select EP06-A in the web store is because there is no stock.

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