GL-X750v2 - a couple comments


I’ve used several GL-iNet routers over the years. Earlier this year I picked up a GL-X750v2 Spitz to use with one of my AT&T data sims. I set the router up and it works fine. I travel some, both locally and international and wondered if I could make the Spitz “portable” (run off a battery pack).

I picked up the following from amazon:

This allows you to use a USB-C cable and either a USB-C wall charger or a battery pack that supports USB-C charging. The cable adapter works with the Spitz. Using a 10000 mah USB-C battery pack, the Spitz router ran for about 12 hours before the battery was dead. Not bad.

I also upgraded the modem to a Quectel EG25-G modem, which includes US and European bands all in one modem. It is CAT-4, which is fine. I swapped the EC25-AF, changed a few settings, and everything works as expected. I’ll test it when I’m in Germany next month.

Great little cellular router!



I stand to be corrected …but I don’t think your set-up should work:
The Spitz runs off 12V and a standard USB wall charger will only give 5V.
The PD adapter you linked to will only work if the power supply supports PD (ie. can up the voltage from 5V > 12V).
In any case, the linked adapter appears to a 5V > 18-20V adapter, so I presume the Spitz is capable of running off a higher voltage than 12V, otherwise you may find the device might burn out due to over Voltage.

Perhaps your battery pack is 12V and not 5V and this is simply passing straight through the adapter @ 12V?


I have a couple different brands of PD battery packs that have a USB-C output (NOT USB-A). The PD output listed for those are: 5v-3A; 9v-2.2A; 12v-1.5A. One of the PD batter packs only lists 9v-2.2A output and it still runs the Spitz. One of my USB-C travel chargers that outputs 15v and 20v will NOT power the Spitz. I’m guessing the PD battery packs and travel chargers that do power on the Spitz are outputting 9v or 12v?

I thought I read somewhere on the forum that the Spitz can handle input voltage between 9v - 36v?



Some additional information after reading through my various battery packs and chargers. It appears the ones that will power the Spitz have a max output of 22.5w. The highest output voltage/amperage for these battery packs/chargers is 12v-1.5A, which is the input voltage of the Spitz.

I tried one of my 30W travel chargers and it would NOT power on the Spitz.