GL-X750V2 (Spitz) Upgrade to 21.02

I would like to update my router to the openwrt 21.02 version … this is because I need the (lua-bit32) which unfortunately does not exist in the openwrt 19.7 version!
Can anyone help me with this?
Thank you

Try 4.x firmware GL.iNet download center

There will be surely some bugs though

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I have tried this, and it works well. The only issues that I have run into are.

  • Pulling some kmod packages can’t be done as it’s a nightly build, and the kernels need to match.
  • Some of the package locations hosted by gl-inet need to be created.

I would love a non-snapshot/nightly build, as many drivers need to be added to the open-source package list.

I had to revert to the 19.07 build as I wanted to extend root to the SD card and can’t see the SD card on the OpenWRT generic build.

On a side note, the GL-inet interface is much easier to use and manage for most things than luci

I love the work and can’t wait for the stable release>

also happy to do testing if you need